How To Produce Videos For RIA Target Markets And Clients Hot

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Advisors are using videos to communicate through blogs, social networks and email newsletters. Your YouTube channel can be embedded in websites, boosting your online search ranking by giving your firm a higher profile. "Advisors can create content," Gluck says. "It's not easy to do but it will boost your search rankings and engage more people with your message. I've done this for many years myself to market my company."
Gluck, who said he has spent more than 500 hours creating videos for clients and his own company, said a license to Camtasia Studio video editing software costs about $400 and suggests annually renewing for software updates, while a great video editing computer (desktop or laptop) with a four year service plan costs about $4,000. In the webinar, Gluck takes you through the basic steps in creating an online video presentation using Camtasia Studio.
Less Is More. You're not making Gone With The Wind. Many of the dozens of videos Gluck has added to his YouTube channel are less than a minute long, while others may be as long as three minutes. (If you want to devote more time to a particular subject, create a series of short videos and link them in a playlist, he suggested in the webinar.)
Recording Yourself Narrating A PowerPoint. How to use PowerPoint to create video presentations.
Selfies For Advisors. You can shoot a selfie-video introducing a series of slides illustrating why sticking to a long-term financial plan is best. 
Editing Videos. The most time-consuming part of the process, Gluck said, is post-production editing to remove stutters, "uhs," and remove long gaps between words while also inserting visual cues that make often-dense financial ideas easy to consume. Camtasia Studio is a simple video editing software app Gluck has used for about a decade. It is simpler than Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro but not as powerful. For what an advisor needs, Camtasia is a good solution because it is specifically created to make videos based on capturing what's on your screen and your cursor's movements fairly easy. Gluck, on the webinar shows the first steps involved in assembling a video from a range of digital assets -- videos, pictures, and audio files. From screen recording to importing audio and basics on using a timeline, this webinar takes independent advisors step-by-step through the video creation and editing process.
Editing Videos In Camtasia Studio
Gluck shows you how to import screen recordings, set them up on a video timeline, and separate video from audio tracks so that you can edit them separately. 
  • You are shown how to add several special Camtasia Studio effects to a timeline, including how to:
  • zoom and pan
  • adding visual cues such as arrows and text boxes
  • adding “sketch motion” effects such as a rectangle slowly drawn around an important
  • transition from scene to scene using fade-ins, rotations and other effects

Even if you decide to hire someone to produce videos for you, this webinar is valuable because it helps you understand what the creative person will be doing. Click here to get started on the road to high-impact video production.


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