WSJ's Nish Profiles Success Of Three Advisors With Regular Media Spots Hot

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Eschleman has a regular spot on the local ABC affiliate, McKinley has a weekly radio show, and Savage writes a weekly column in the local newspaper.
Each tells how he landed the spot, how he prepares for it, and the kind of results they’ve gotten from doing it.
Eschleman says the TV spot hasn’t directly attracted any new clients but it adds credibility with current clients and they like the fact that their advisor is on ABC.
McKinley gets a number of call-ins from people who have heard him on the radio but they may not fit his client profile. He says the main reason to do it is to provide information to the listening audience.
Savage has gotten a few clients from his article writing but he says the main reason to do it is to boost credibility and to create a buzz around his practice.
You can read more about each advisor’s media experience here. The three stories will give you good perspective on what type of media exposure may work best for you and what you may expect from a business generating perspective.

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