Making The World Better One Em Dash At A Time

Em dashes are important. They help you express a thought in writing more effectively. But many people misuse them. Here's a brief guide to making you a better em-dash user.

Em dashes pose questions. Do you need to insert spaces before and after an em dash?

Clearly, the world has problems bigger than em dash usage, and em dashes are little more than a grammatical oddity.

However, knowing how and when to use em dashes will make your writing more professional.

This presentation is not about hyphens or en dashes. Hyphens connect words; em dashes separate ideas.
And then there are en dashes, which are slightly as wide as the letter n. En dashes are wider than hypens but not as wide as an em dashes. They are used in defining periods of time. Instead of using "to,"  for example, you could write 2001–2003. 
Personally, I prefer using the word to
Em dashes, my main concern today, are used to abruptly change thought in mid-sentence.
Please comment to let me know if you want more grammatical  advice like this.
While I enjoy telling you about em dashes, you may prefer hearing more about technology or investing.
Please let me know what you want me to research and write about.



Em Dash Usage
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