Giving Clients The News They Need ... And Skipping The Fluff They Don't Care About


For one thing, people like your clients actually crave more and deeper economic coverage.


According to the Pew Center, on a story by story basis, the mass media are giving less focus to economic developments compared to the number of Americans who say they're actually following the data closely.


That interest in the economy has been fairly consistent, and if they aren't getting that news from the media, they probably wouldn't mind getting it from their advisor.


Interestingly, the media went berserk over the Libyan air strikes, but the American people didn't care.


They still want to hear more about Japan, less about celebrities and nothing at all about how Egyptian democracy is evolving.


Separately, there's a great blog here on the importance of giving your clients the bad news -- and some tips on how to frame the conversation.






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