Staying Focused On The Long Term Helps Clients Stay Positive

Over the long term, wealthy families are still as optimistic as ever about their economic fortunes. It's only when you get them thinking about the next 12 months that they start getting nervous.


There are a lot of high-net-worth attitude surveys out there, but what's useful about the latest one from Mintel Comperemedia is that it gauged the confidence of members of the investor class for not only the present and the vague "future," but for different time periods.


As it turns out, 80% of the people Mintel surveyed think they'll be in a significantly better financial situation in the next five years and 76% think that the good times could start as soon as 12 months from now,


However, getting through 2011 seems to be a concern for a big chunk -- 42% -- of the survey group.


That's probably a good place to probe your client base for angst as well. If they have specific worries about the next year, there are solutions -- increased cash allocation, putting off retirement or other big expenditures, for example.


And after that, you can keep them focused on the good times they see emerging in 2012 and beyond.




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