Do You Think That Telling People You’re A Trusted Advisor Differentiates You?


Trust is a given in any financial advisory relationship. 


You're unlikely to hear someone say,   "I really do not trust my financial advisor."


That is, unless, of course, the phrase is in past tense. 


Since being a trusted advisor is a given, it's maddening to see so many advisors make that idea central in describing what makes them unique.


You can't be successful unless prospects and clients perceive you as trustworthy, and the "trusted advisor" idea is indeed part of your brand. It just doesn't differentiate you from the advisor down the street—unless, of course, he's untrustworthy.


Turn your attention instead to how your firm is differentiated from similar firms that share the same target clients or town as you. Perhaps you possess a specific expertise in using a certain solution or maybe the asset allocation strategy you've created makes you unique. 


What differentiates you can be anything that is important to your client, including the specific types of clients you serve and the breadth or narrowness of your focus. Using words, photos, and diagrams to explain what truly makes you different from other advisors requires your time, thought, and planning. The reward comes in perceptions you create in the minds of clients, referral partners, and prospective clients. 


Once you understand what sets your firm apart, rework your 30-second "elevator speech" and take it on the road, to networking events and meetings with centers of influence. Tell that story on your website and other marketing materials. A good brand is communicated consistently. 


Clients and prospective clients expect you to be a trusted advisor. Help clients refer you and prospective clients choose you by also being clear about what sets you apart. 


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