Scarcity Is Silly; If You See A World Of Abundance, You Will Share In The Abundance Hot

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When we live with a scarcity process in our life, we tend to shut out good things that could happen.  We often will act as if there isn’t enough and if we don’t take this job, this deal or this customer we’ll never have a good one that comes along.


It’s saying no that often allows us to wait for the right thing to come.  But, first we need to know what that right thing is.  That’s where the hard work is.


I find that taking the time to find out what to say yes to is much harder than just saying yes.  Understanding what we want to say yes to means no has to be part of our language.  The hard work is understanding what’s important to you and then holding out for that important thing.


First, you need to know what you stand for.  For me, this means knowing what your personal mission is in life.  If you have a personal mission you can decide whether a particular action moves you towards or away from where you want to be.


Having a mission allows you to measure your progress towards getting more of what it is you want.  I believe that since most of us don’t have a personal mission we drift from thing to thing not really having much direction in our life.


Mission is where it all starts and mission is the enemy of scarcity.  A mission allows you to focus on what in life is important.  Once you start to focus you’ll find that there is more than enough for you to get what you want.  And, if you get what you want, then you can also say “scarcity is silly.”

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