Latest Republican Proposal For Deficit Solution Threatens To Divide Party And Puts Speaker Boehner In A Very Hot Seat

The backlash is making House Speaker John Boehner a target for the Tea Party group, Americans for Prosperity.
The group is threatening to target members of Congress attempting to compromise by sending volunteers to their offices and creating a sort of black list.
It is also threatening primary trouble for those the group determines are straying from the far right Republican orthodoxy.
Speaker Boehner has been haunted by this dynamic throughout the 112th Congress. Any move toward compromise with the White House is automatically labeled by conservatives as a sellout.
A poll taken by the Pew Research Center shows that 53% of respondents would blame Republicans if the economy goes over the fiscal cliff.
Only 28% would blame President Obama. Democrats also face party divisions over decisions to cut entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security with some saying such safety-net programs should not be part of a deficit-cutting deal.
Others said the Democratic party must be prepared to compromise slightly by possibly increasing the retirement age for Medicare eligibility and slowing down cost-of-living raises for Social Security benefits.

Either way, House Speaker Boehner seems to be in the hot seat with his party's most conservative members. It will be interesting to see how the fiscal cliff negotiations ultimately affect the influence of the party's far right constitutency.

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