Murray Is Slated To Head Senate Budget Committee And Plans To Change Focus From Debt And Deficits To Budgets And Investment

The committee considers the nation’s economic policy and the budgetary impact of Congressional actions. As head, Murray hopes to expand the committee’s conversations from focusing on debt and deficits to include the nation’s spending priorities and investments.
Better transportation systems, military and veterans’ issues, and improved job training for health care and aerospace workers are among those priorities and investment opportunities.
The leaders of both the Senate and House budget committees will also be involved in working out the details of the broad based agreements reached between the President and both houses of Congress.
Murray says a compromise on the tax issue (whether to raise taxes on the wealthy) will lead to agreement on other points related to the fiscal cliff issue.
Jeff Sessions of Alabama will be the top Republican on the committee. He has criticized the Democrats for failing to pass a budget for three years. He hopes Murray will put an end to that streak.

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