AIG Advisor Group Gets Aggressive About "Open Architecture" As A Differentiator Hot

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AIG's three independent broker-dealers -- FSC, Royal Alliance, and SagePoint -- get a plug in the group's latest promotional website, "All Ways Open Architecture," which went live this week.


As yet, the site isn't all that deep. There aren't any samples of the firms' marketing materials or case studies of how joining up with any of them has transformed a new recruit's practice, for example. 


The visible devotion to open architecture in terms of both custody and the product shelf is nice. AIG mentions that its broker-dealer affiliates get to choose their fixed income platform and there are some other intriguing details.


But realistically, advisors who know what "open architecture" even means and want to make it part of their practice also know several firms that can provide it to them.


And for everyone in that space, a concerted outreach program aimed at retail investors outlining the benefits of a non-proprietary shelf would help these advisors differentiate their offering in the most important eyes out there: prospects and clients.


Helping would-be recruits differentiate themselves in those eyes would go farther than ever when it comes to differentiating these -- or any -- firms as a unique optimum fit for advisors. Let's hope AIG or its competitors think along those lines.

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