Who Were The Two Members Of CFP Board Disciplinary And Ethics Commission That Resigned Last Week? Figuring It Out Seems No More Difficult Than Doing A Google Search Hot

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The trio resigned after independent counsel hired by the 13-member Board of Directors of CFP Board of Standards recommended that allegations of wrongdoing by the trio be investigated by DEC.
Dan Drummond, a C FP Board spokesman, won’t say how the allegations of wrongdoing by the trio came to the attention of CFP Board, a not-for-profit body whose mission is “to benefit the public by granting the CFP® certification and upholding it as the recognized standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.”
CFP Board did not release the names of the two members of the Disciplinary And Ethics Commission because DEC inquiries are confidential, Drummond said   
The only reason we know that Goldfarb resigned is because, technically, Goldfarb issued a statement announcing why he resigned. He “outed” himself.
In contrast, the two members of DEC who resigned issued no statement. We do not know why they resigned — never mind their names.
Identifying DEC Members Who Resigned
How can you figure out the names of the two members of DEC who abruptly resigned on Halloween eve 2012? It requires little more searching Google for “CFP Board disciplinary and ethics.”
The No. 2 result of that search is a link to a page on CFP Board’s website with the names of seven members of the DEC.
Those attentive to detail know that Google, in its search results, displays double arrows on the right (shown above), and that hovering over those double arrows displays a preview of each search result along with a link to a “cached” version of the page.
In this case, the cached version contains the names of nine members of the CFP Board’s Discipline And Ethics Commission members.
You might reasonably surmise that the two names in the cached version are the DEC members that resigned last week.


To be clear, the No. 2 result on Google of the search “CFP Board Disciplinary And Ethics” links to a Web page listing the names of the seven current members of CFP Board’s Disciplinary And Ethics Commission as of today, November 5, 2012, as well as a cached version of the page listing nine members of DEC.
If you assume that the two missing members are the ones who resigned last Friday, you have figured out that the two DEC members who resigned are Christina Florence, CFP®, of Lane Florence LLC, in Folsom, CA. and Mary McFadden Hastings, CFP®, of Wells Fargo Advisors, Waltham, MA.
CFP Board spokesman Dan Drummond won’t say anything more about the Halloween Eve resignations than the two statements released previously by CFP Board, which include a press release about the resignation of Goldfarb and the two DEC members and a statement in which CFP Board CEO, Kevin Keller, criticized a statement released by Goldfarb after his resignation about his alleged wrongdoing as “not correct.”
Florence, McFadden, and Goldfarb did not respond to my emails and phone calls from last night asking for comment. Keller, Drummond says, is not talk to any reporters.


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