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The late Paul Walker’s fiancé, his mate for seven years, was left without a place to live after the "Fast and Furious" star tragically died in a 2013 auto accident Robin Williams’ children recently ended an ugly public and costly legal battle out of court with their step mother over the actor’s $100 million estate. 


Striking a balance between entertaining and educating professionals, Missia Vaselaney, an estate planning lawyer with Hollywood in her blood, shared the inside scoop about estate planning cases of the rich, famous, and notiorous. 

Vaselaney has an amazing niche: She says she is known in some quarrters as “the queen” of advisors to murder victims' estates, and she has gained a reputation for helping heirs ensure murderers do not benefit from the estates of their victims.

Vaelaney received 4.5-stars from attendees by highlighting the lessons to be learned from mistakes made by celebrities, infamous and rich people.

This session is filled with great anecdotes for cocktail parties. Here’s what attendees said:


Very interesting.  Delivery was a little fast.  At times a bit difficult to understand through the audio. 

Interesting Examples to use in future presentations (by me)

Very interesting

Different and entertaining - liked it

Entertaining but not useful

Interesting stories, but light on actionable content.

Everything....fascinating information

A wealth of stories presented in an extremely short period of time.

interesting but not useful

One of the best CE credit programs I have ever heard!

Unique and interesting!

Interesting presentation of real life situations - and estate planning mistakes.  Would like to hear her other presentation she mentioned just as we finished.


Stories were great but more substance would have been good.

Very entertaining stories but it would have been better to have some structure around the key lessons and a list of issues or something that would enable you to better serve your clients moving forward.

Well, that was interesting! Quite a change from Bob Keebler, to be sure. Very entertaining, and especially so for those interesting in lifestyles of the rich and famous. I don't know how much I learned about estate planning, other than the standard anecdotal messages concerning failed planning, oversights and other stories of dread which arise from good old negligence. A very intelligent woman of apparently high pedigree. And listening to a lawyer is always enlightening in one way or another.

Very nice change of pace.  Missy should be asked back.  Her only hurdle may have been lack of experience in presenting through Go to Meeting for the first time.




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