A Powerful Search Engine For Advisors

The power of that is big. We’re reading all of the trade magazines, and many sites that are off the beaten path, to create a reading list for advisors every business day. It's the best of the best articles for advisors, a huge time saver. Mary Rowland, who wrote a personal finance column every Sunday in The New York Times for about a decade, aggregates the market and economy news. Bob Casey, former Editor of Bloomberg Wealth Manager, aggregates the industry news each morning, and I aggregate technology news.

All of the news we aggregate is indexed by our site’s search engine. So when you run a search on A4A, you’re searching our collective database of major stories from many trade publications and industry-related websites.

For instance, A search of the term "rebalancing" turns up 16 results from a range of websites frequented by advisors plus a few that advisors probably don’t read, like the SEC's website.

Since we’ve only been producing content for about five months, it’s fairly impressive that such an “inside baseball” term returns so many relevant results.

If you compare these search results to other sites frequented by advisors, you’ll see how the tight focus of advisors4advisors on practice management is on its way to providing advisors with information not available anywhere else.  And please keep in mind that we’re just getting started.



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