The Internet Has Become The Battlefield For The Next War Hot

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Recently several big companies in United States have had their systems hacked by cyber intruders from out of the country.  In February a report was released by a private security firm stating that a unit in the Chinese military was responsible for hacking more than 140 businesses, most of which were in the United States.  China has denied these allegations saying there is no evidence.    


White House national security adviser Tom Donilon is requesting Beijing recognize the severity of cyber-attack problem, take serious steps to address it and establish guidelines of acceptable norms in the digital world.


Whether China is behind the recent cyber-attacks or not, one thing is clear, there is a steady incline in cyber security threats and the United States needs to be ready.  Our president has highlighted how vulnerable our financial institutions, power grid and air traffic control systems are to an attack.  Any cyber-attack on the United States can cost billions of dollars and lead to stolen industry secrets, which are vital to innovation and economic growth.


If even the United States isn’t fully prepared for cyber warfare are you sure you are?


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