How To Run A Sales Presentation Over The Web Using A Free Web-Meeting App

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 07:38
How To Run A Sales Presentation Over The Web Using A Free Web-Meeting App


An advisor yesterday asked me how I make presentations on the Web. So I wrote up the instructions below. These instructions assume you want to practice before actually doing a live presentation with a client, and they use, a free service that is excellent.

This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

To use this technology effectively for the first time, you’ll need the help of an associate.
You (the presenter) will preferably be using two monitors and you both need a computer with Internet access.
Ideally you’re both in the same room or adjoining rooms, which makes it easier to communicate and see what you’re doing the first time you try this.
On separate computers, you go to and your associate should go to
Next to the the box where it says "share," click on “Basic” and then on the orange circle button
That should start the download of a small file that you install, probably by double clicking on it.
After the installation you will be sharing your screen and a meeting dashboard containing nine numbers will appear.
Read those numbers to your associate and tell him to input them in the "join" box and click the green circle button.
Your associate will then see your screen.
Now open PowerPoint and go into Slide Show View.
If you previously set up Presenter View, your notes should appear on one monitor and the slide show seen by those in your Web meeting will see your slides and not your notes. Below is a short presentation about how you can set up presenter view for Web meetings.


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I use the free version of WEBEX which allows me and the clients to meet "face-to-face". If I have content to share, I use the "Share My Desktop" button and point to the monitor with the presentation, spreadsheet, etc. already loaded and ready to go.
stevesw , October 03, 2012

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