Facebook Subscribe Button Will Be Good For Advisors

Friday, September 16, 2011 08:58
Facebook Subscribe Button Will Be Good For Advisors

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Facebook has created a subscribe button that will allow people who you are not friends with to subscribe to your feed. That's good for advisors because people you do not know can subscribe to your feeds.

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If you are posting updates for owners of businesses that mostly do cash business or financial ideas for parents of children with special needs, they may not want to "friend" you but they may want to see your updates. For an advisor, that's good marketing.


Facebook is making changes in reaction to Google+, which has better ways of letting you separate out business feeds from friend feeds. This not only will fend off the challenge but also make Facebook more useable for advisors.


One challenging aspect will be whether the compliance apps can keep up with all the changes. Apps like Socialware that are used by broker/dealers to track social streams created by registered reps need to be updated to incorporate the new features constantly being added to Facebook. With changes being announced each week, my guess is a frustrating lag will develop that many reps will come to disdain.


The newly launched Facebook subscribe feature not only allows you to subscribe to feeds from non-friends but also lets you choose the kinds of information you'll see in each feed to which you subscribe.


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