Service-Review Website Angie's List Gets Reviewed; While Helpful For Research, Angies List And Similar Sites Do Not List Advisory Services Hot

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PC World reviewed Angies List in a long-winded article and it offers some useful tidbits about the service, such as the fact that it is not free. Rival Service Magic, however is free. In addition, on Angie’s list, if you want to find out about a good cleaning service to clean your parent’s house in Florida or your second home in Tahoe, you’ll need to pay extra.   
“Customers must add an extra location to their membership profile to gain access to the list for that city, and doing so jacks up the price by $10, $15, or $20, depending on the city and the size of the market.” says PC World. . “Plus, the add-a-city option is available strictly as an annual membership--even if your main membership is month-to-month, you can pay for your added city only through a yearly subscription.”

I’m not sure in the long term how Angie’s List will compete with Service Magic and Google reviews, but I was surprised to see that neither of the two sites provides customer reviews of financial advisors. There is no category to list you under.  


This Website Is For Financial Professionals Only

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