Add Google TV To The List Of Google Failures; Still Google Dominates The Web Hot

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"Google TV is sinking,"  according to TechCrunch. It's hurting Logitech, which slashed the price of Google TV's hardware, Revue, from $250 to $99. But despite Google TV's failure, Google remains the dominant force for advisors to reckon with on the Web.


The list of Google's failures is pretty long, and it's getting longer with bad news about Google TV


Other infamous Google flops include, Buzz, Wave, and Video.


It remains to be seen is Google can get businesses to use Google Apps in a big way and whether Google+ will be a hit at social networking.


But Google remains the main game in town when it comes to search. Google Places is crucial to succeeding in getting local leads.


Google's willingness to fail is viewed by some as incomptence but as genius by others. But it has led to great success with Android.


It would be scary of Google could succeed in all it ventures because Google would simply become too powerful. Already Google is be criticized for gaming search results to favor its own objectives.


For advisors, Google's strength in search is the main app to focus on. if you have not registered your firm for Google Places, do it today.



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