The New York Times Paywall Goes Up At 2 P.M. Today; What Do You Think Of It?

When I posted an article recently about the NYT paywall going live this week, several advisors posted comments with ideas about how to subvert it. Turns out, the paywall is so full of holes, it's a bad joke.


But I was surprised by how quick advisors were to share ways to get around the paywall. It mde me realize that a lot of people feel they should get information over the Web for free. 


It seems like many people I'm wondering it if people think that social media will provide their news and that we may not need traditional media to get news. If this is the case, then all news should be free.


I'm wondering what you think. Should people be willing to pay the NYT and news sites for content? Or should publications rely solely on ads and not charge readers for their content?


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