YouSendIt Buys Email Collaboration Startup Attassa And E-Signature Service Zosh is a simple way to share files securely. It works on a "freemium" model and I've used the free account to send files as large as 100 MBs. If you have not tried it out, you should. 


When you need to share a file that is more than 10 MB, sending it over email is problematic. With YouSendIt, you can send files--videos, books, etc.--as large as 100 MBs. And if you Zip it, you can send aneven larger file.  


Will be intersting to see how it uses the newly acquired electonic signature service, which is an app that insitutions and vendors are looking at thes days.


If you have any experience with YouSendIt or an e-signature app, please share any ideas.



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