Trend ThisWeek: Stories Saying Google Is The Next Microsoft (And Not In A Good Way)

These are not the first posts to sayy that Google is following in the steps of Microsoft, but concern seemsto be growing over Google's power.

Silicon Alley Insider last week posted "10 Ways Google Is Turning Into Microsoft," saying that Google, which corporate motto was once "do no evil," is becoming more like Microsoft because of growing competition from Facebook.

Then, PC World, yesterday poste an entry entitled, "Google Turns Borg: Time to Rein in the Search Giant."

While comparisons between Google and Microsoft are inevitable because they each have dominated technology in their respective eras, the two companies are so different.


One of Google's co-founders is an immigrant, a Russian Jew who emigrated to the US at age six and is parents were persecuted. Maybe I'm naive, but as a son of Holocaust survivors, I can tell you that this kind of background frames your world view.

Brin is, I am certan, a pragmatist, but Google walked away from its opportunity to do business in China when the government there broke into its systems to spy on dissidents. My guess is he has strong sense of idealism than the vast majority of American business leaders, Bill Gates, who is a great philanthropist but ran Microsoft to the top of the tech world with ruthless business tactics. 


But besides te personality and cultural differences, these are different times and thr situation is different. Microsoft really had no viable competitors during the 1980s and 1990s. Google must square off against Facebook and Apple, and Micosoft remains the dominant company relied on by businesses. 


Google faces a totally different competitive landscape than Microsoft was up against.













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