With Trust And Privacy Playing A Greater Role In How People Use The Web, Facebook, Suddenly, Is Looking Like It's No Longer Cool Hot

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Nick Bilton, who writes the Bits blog at The New York Times, recently found that paying $7 to promote a post on Facebook got him much better visibility. "I foolishly believed there was some sort of democratic approach to sharing freely with others," says Bilton. "The company persuaded us to share under that premise and is now turning it inside out by requiring us to pay for people to see what we post."



Meanwhile, a post on The Verge drew attention to a resignation letter that recently was posted publicly, possibly by accident, from a Facebook manager saying he was leaving the company because it was no longer regarded by teens as cool. Kids no longer feel as compelled to keep up with their friends' every brag, says The Verge.


Both stories are really about trust and privacy. In fact, a third article published this past weekend highlights how people are fed up with having their privacy turned into profit and companies--like Microsoft--are starting to advertise their "no tracking" browsing features as a plus.


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