Money Managers Prefer Twitter To LinkedIn Or Any Other Social Platform, Cerulli Discovers Hot

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Industry research firm Cerulli polled asset managers and found that 56% of those who use any form of social media use Twitter.


Only 38% use LinkedIn -- exactly as many as use Facebook.


Twitter's tight format makes it easier to use and easier for compliance departments to review, Cerulli concludes.


I wonder if audience also plays a role here. While people do Tweet all the time, Twitter accounts are largely vehicles for consuming messages from elsewhere on the Web. 


In other words, Twitter is already geared to selling things and ideas to a relatively passive audience.


LinkedIn is all about demonstrating your professional expertise. It's more of a high-level networking event than a sales channel.


Naturally, the advertising regulations are as strict on Twitter as they are in any other medium. But 63% of the people Cerulli talked to say they have that side of compliance covered in their social program.


They're more perplexed by the technological side: archiving the messages and training their people to use the software.





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