For Cheap Advisors: Seven Social Media Tasks You Can Get A Summer Intern To Do For You Hot

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1. External Links To Your Website. This is one perhaps the most important factor in Google's algorithm:  the number and credibility of sites linking to your website. So sit down with the intern and think out loud about sites that will want to link to yours. Asking local firms to exchange links is a good idea. Would the local community bank be interested? Or maybe you are active in the local Chamber? How about other professionals in your community?  Or maybe you are a good resource for information of use to a particular group, such as teachers, doctors, or chiropractors? If you have a free white paper or videos for target markets such as these, the encourage your intern to contact the teacher's union, local mega group for doctors and networking group for chiropractors and ask them to link to the report. 


2. Comments On Blogs. if your target market is doctors or 401(k) plans, the intern can look for blogs to leave comments of interest to those people and place a link back to information on your website about a topic of interest to them.  


3. Creating Your Social Media Profiles. While it only takes a few minutes to set  up your Twitter account, many advisors never seem to do it. Or they do it half-baked. Get a good photo of yourself. A close up your smiling face is best. When you write your profile, think about the clients you are trying to attract and write it for them. Let the intern write a first draft and then edit it. Ask the intern to look at best practices in writing profiles.


4. Add Apps To Your LinkedIn Profile Page. Though Facebook hit 750 million users today, LinkedIn remains the preferred site of advisors. (Facebook is on the rise for professional use but most advisor are too conservative to embrace it fully.) LinkedIn provide some great integrations that can help you market. For example, you can post add SlideShare to your LinkedIn Profile and post presentations to your LinkedIn profile. That gives you the benefit of SlideShare's ease of use and allows you to utilize its features that are optimized for search engines. Your intern should be able to figure this out. But SlideShare is only one app that is integrated with LinkedIn. The apps inter gated with LinkedIn include Twitter, Reading List by Amazon, and WordPress. The Twitter integration is great. Every time you update your status on either LinkedIn Or Twitter, the other also gets updated. Get your intern to make that integration work for you.


5. Leverage Your Content. You cannot expect an intern to create content for you about financial matters. But if you have content, you are wasting an opportunity by not posting it to your website or blog, and making it through your social media presence. 


6.  Establish Your Place on Google.  Registering makes it more likely you will get found on the Web. Specifically, registering at Google Places makes it possible for you to appear in Google Maps. I've previously covered this in detail.  


7. Connecting With Local Businesses And Professionals. Maybe a local dietician is hosting a workshop in gluten-free cooking or a local chef is holding a session at his restaurant about how to make keylime pie. Connect with them. Social media connections can easily turn into real alliances. 









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