Paul Carr Of TechCrunch Is A Great Writer And Now We Know He Is An Alcoholic Hot

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Carr's a good reporter, one of the best on TechCrunch, which was purchased by AOL a few months ago. But his gushing self-indulgence panders to readers in a misdirected attempt at being honest and open.


Carr says he quit Twitter and was totally happy his decision. He started up again and has tweeted liked a maniac. is point is that he has an addictive personality. 


He goes on to tell us that he is the same way with drinking. 


"For all that my alcohol addiction seems like a distant memory, I know if I try to have just one drink – maybe a couple, or three – then very soon, as with Twitter, I’ll be back to two dozen or more a day," says Carr, "with the nights in police cells, napalmed relationships and trail of career disasters that brought."


I don't need to know that much about Mr. Carr.


I judge Carr based on his writing and analysis of news about the Web.


I don't need to know that my optometrist masturbates three times a week while watching porn, my masseuse is bulimic,  and my barber is a cross dresser.


Knowing that Paul Carr is an alcoholic is too much information.


It serves no reader to broadcast your personal secrets, Mr. Carr. You don't need to to us that for us to trust you.  You are not my doctor, not my financial advisor. You're not driving me anywhere and your finger is not in control of a nuclear missile. If you were in such a position, then I would want to know that you are unstable.


As a writer at TechCrunch, you should not feel the need to tell people so much about yourself. You are not the story.


Sorry for getting off on this rant, but the Web is spawning a new brand of self indulgence by writers gushing with titillating details about themselves.


A gifted reporter like Carr doesn't need tor resort to such gimmickry.  















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