Former Zuckerberg Business Associate Produces Douments Backing His Claim To Owning 50% Of Zuckerberg's Facebook Stake Hot

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Business Insider, which broke the story, calls the new evidence "startling."


Ceglia has produced more than a dozen emails that he claims were written from July 2003 to July 2004 and were between him and Zuckerberg. In the emails, Zuckerberg reportedly tells Ceglia that the Facebook site has seen little success and that Zuckerberg was thinking of shutting it down.


"And, in the summer of 2004," Business Insider says, "they include Zuckerberg offering to send Ceglia his $2,000 of funding back--right at the time Zuckerberg had moved to California to continue to develop, incorporate, and raise money for Facebook."

Facebook called Ceglia's claims absurd yesterday and last summer had said a contract he had produced was forged.
Indeed, with the lawsuit coming seven years after Ceglia did business with Zuckerberg, it seemed unlikely to have any merit. Further damaging Ceglia's credibility, he and his wife were charged by police in upstate New York last October with fraud for allegedly failing to deliver on about $200,000 of customer orders for wood pellets used for home heating, which their company had reportedly sold.
But the press reports yesterday were not nearly as dismissive of Ceglia's claim, with Business Insider posting a follow up discussing the many reasons why Ceglia's claims might actually be true.

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