Responding To Stephen Colbert, The Daily Tracks Down The Richest Dog In South Dakota Hot

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The Daily, News Corp.'s online magazine for the iPad, launched February 2 and a couple of weeks later it was embarrassed by the leak of a memo by its editor to the staff inspiring them to find and write great news stories. 


"We need to get out there and start finding more compelling stories from around the country - not just scraping the web and the wires, but getting out on the ground and reporting," said The Daily's Editor-In-Chief, Jesse Angelo, in the memo.

Angelo's leaked enumerated a list of idea for stories, one of which was the following: "Find me the oldest dog in America or the richest man in South Dakota," said the leaked memo.


Comedian Colbert went to town with that one, mocking The Daily in a biting monolog on his popular TV show.


Yesterday, The Daily bit back.


The Daily did not track down the oldest dog in America or the richest man in South Dakota as Angelo had requested, but instead took up Colbert's challenge by sniffing out the richest dog in South Dakota.



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