For Advisors With An Android Phone Or Tablet, Here’s How To Turn On Android’s New Remote Lockdown Feature Hot

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Start by going to If you log into your Google account, your phone or tablet should show up there. In case you forgot, you were prompted to set up a Google account the first time you used your mobile device. Assuming you did that, your device’s current location will show up on Google Maps when you input the URL above. Note that the lock and erase options are greyed out because they are not enabled.  


 Now locate the Google Settings App on your Android phone. I spent a half-hour looking for that app. It’s NOT the silver “Settings” icon. Google Settings is actually an app. It’s a green icon with a white lower case “g.”


     Choose Android Device Manager from the list of items in the Google Settings App.


In the Android Device Manager, check the  box to enable the lockdown feature.


In the Android Device Manager, check the box enable the feature. (This will not remotely lock or reset your device; it will just enable the feature allowing you to remotely lock and reset your device if you lose it.) When you enable the feature, a screen pops up on your phone where you can activate the administration of the remote lock feature from your Google account. 



On a device other than the one you're setting up for remotely locking, log into your Google account and point your browser to Now the lock and erase options are no longer greyed out because they are enabled.  





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