Anonymous And LulzSec Partner For “Operation Anti-Security,” As Hacktivism Meets Hollywood In A Threat Of Epic Proportion Hot

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Anonymous, the group that took on opponents of WikiLeaks last December and more recently was involved in the attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network, issued a release on Monday saying it was joining forces with with LulzSec, a hacktivist group that recently attacked the CIA and US Senate as well as Nintendo and Sony.


It is the stuff of Hollywood movies.


"What has existed up to this point as an aimless objective consisting of a series of random, pointless targets," says zdNet, "is now coming together as a full-fledged anti-government/anti-establishment movement of potentially epic proportions."


Since the announcement was only intermittently available Monday night, below is a screen shot of it so you can read it in all its weirdness.




The link at the bottom of the above the announcement connects to a site controlled by Anonymous, and the site contains a video of a hacktivist wearing the same mask as the main character from the movie V For Vendetta. 


The main character of the Hollywood hit is a shadowy freedom fighter, known only as "V," who uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. The mask sells on Amazon for $3.99.





Below is coverage on Anonymous from Al Jazeera.





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