ByAllAccounts And AssetBook Integration Brings Held-Away Account Data Into AssetBook's Online Portfolio Management System

Advisors using AssetBook  now have the tools they need to report and provide advice on their clients' held-away assets and non custodial accounts.

"The AssetBook/ByAllAccounts interface provides reliable and simple integration passing our held-away account positions into AssetBook," said R. Douglas Pauley, of Pauley Financial Services. "I have tried a number of different solutions to get this right. The AssetBook/ByAllAccounts solution is the only one that has even come close to being sustainable, accurate and affordable."


According to a press release, Pauley Financial Services has eliminated manual data entry and now is able to bill its clients on held-away assets because of the integration.


In addition, data can be passed from AssetBook to a CRM and financial planning app. "Once we have all of our data in AssetBook, we can pass this data seamlessly to our financial planning tool and our CRM software,"says Pauley. "It is easy, accurate and dependable."

ByAllAccounts has really done a good job in recent months at intergating with many apps and marketing itself. It's now widely considered the No. 1 aggregation app among advisors I speak with.


"Without the burden of learning new systems, financial advisors can immediately benefit from our partnership with AssetBook," said James Carney, ByAllAccounts president and CEO. "By providing a technology that easily integrates with AssetBook and dozens of other platforms, ByAllAccounts aims to give a growing number of financial advisors the tools they need to expand their services and scale their businesses."


Both AssetBook and ByAllAcounts are in the A4A review database. 

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