Economic Analysis Tool For Advisors Is Looking For Beta Testers And Offering An 85% Discount To Member of Advisors4Advisors

We hosted a webinar last Friday about how advisors can use the tool to help forecast how portfolios would behave in different economic scenarios.
Some of the reviews of the webinar by attendees criticized the session for being too “salesy” and not offering more information about the economy.  But many of the attendees who reviewed the session said that Hidden Levers was an intriguing new tool for advisors. I agree with both opinions.  
The session was a little too salesy. That happens. It’s sometimes a fine line between a presenter telling you how to use a product and telling you about the product. But Hidden Levers is like no other economic analysis product offered to advisors.
If you read my blog, attend Advisors4Advisors webinars, and follow my column in Financial Advisor, then you know that I have been a proponent for economic scenario planning.  Advisor4Advisors produced a webinar with Mark Kritzman entitled, Creating Financial Plans Based On Economic Scenarios, on this topic and I wrote a column about it in FA.
Hidden Levers enables advisors to access economic data they could not get before. Sure, you can get a Bloomberg Terminal, but the $20,000-plus cost is beyond the reach of many advisors. Hidden Levers is a much-less expensive alternative.
Hidden Levers reveals hidden links between the economy and an investor’s portfolio. By connecting big-picture economic factors with industries and investments, it gives you the ability to model how different economic scenarios might impact a specific portfolio.
The tools try to help advisor determine if clients are prepared for the macroeconomic scenarios you anticipate.
While many economic scenarios are black swans and come out of nowhere to dominate a portfolio’s behavior, investment advisor are paid to anticipate and plan how the economy will affect client portfolios. Hidden Levers tries to help advisors with this mission.
Advisors can create reports showing a summary of macro risks and potential hedging strategies for client portfolios and find stocks and ETFs based on trends in 90 different economic indicators. You can run what-if scenarios on client portfolios to see the potential impact of major economic and market events and adjust assumptions on-the-fly to see how it affects a portfolio’s outcome. You can determine which economic levers have an impact on a particular investment and see the strength of the relationships between a stock or ETF and its levers. And you can chart and download data for 90 economic indicators and that data can be shared with clients.
If you sign up for the A4A member 85% discount for Hidden Levers beta testers, please let us know how it goes.


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