Remote Offices Seen Driving Advisor Networks' Social Media Needs, And There's A Productivity Twist Hot

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A nice case study here on how a firm with "far-flung" reps decided to bring in social media tools from Actiance.


We've talked about Actiance a lot around here, but this is the first time geography has come up as a factor for getting the software.


Granted, every firm that does business in more than one location will need to standardize every single facet of the operation that it can: technology, compliance, client communications, document processing and storage.


However, a lot of non-financial firms have started using social media tools not only as a client-facing communications platform, but as a way for employees to interact.


Whether it's Skype, Google Plus, or Twitter messages, they're turning "social" platforms into internal workflow and idea-sharing engines.


And as more advisors tiptoe out of the office to run client meetings on their tablets or other mobile device, the ability to communicate instantaneously is going to become more mission-critical, even for firms with only one official "office."


Sure, that's what a Blackberry used to be for. 


But why do advisors need a Blackberry now?

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