Finance Logix Releases iPhone App Letting Clients Run Illustrations On Their Financial Plans Hot

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Finance Logix from Oltis Software has been around for years and is known for having easy to use software with smashing graphics.


As slick as its software is, it's been hard for the company to gain traction against MoneyGuide Pro and NaviPlan, especially over the past couple of years as most advisors were not focused on changing planning software and were more concerned with client retention and marketing.


Recently Oltis launched an iPhone app, Retire Logix.  Sdvisors using Finance Logix to make plans can tell their clients to download on the iPhone app store, and Retire Logix will allow clients to run different simulations on their plans using the data keyed in by their advisor.



For an advisor who wants to use the iPhone app himself, being able to run a quick financial plan for a prospect or client could be useful now and then. For instance, if you're meeting with a client or prospect for dinner and want to show him a financial planning scenario, you may want to pull out your phone. It would make you look really well-prepared and be a great conversation starter.


However, if you have a proposal or illustration to make to at a meeting with a client, you probably will want to access it on your computerto show to a client or give the client a paper report. 


Most clients will probably not want to "play" with their financial plans on their phones, but a small group of engineers and gadget-lovers will probably appreciate the gee-whiz factor and like the iPhone app.  


What do you think? Will your clients and prospects want to run simple simulations on their financial plan using their smartphones? 







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