Ideas For The 'Hot' Companies Of The Future Are Already Out There Hot

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Paul Graham owns a company called Y-Combinator which supports start-ups looking to launch. His take on the next great businesses fall in the following seven areas:
1.       A better search engine
Some say Google is losing it’s effectiveness and is overloaded, making results less reliable.
2.       Better email
Email recipients should have more control over what comes into their inboxes and how they can manage it.
3.       A better way to educate than universities
The fact that the US is falling behind other countries in education may sometimes become political fodder but it is no less true.
4.       Internet TV
This is technology which will need infrastructure support from companies who wish to provide it.
5.       A reincarnation of Steve Jobs
Is Apple viable without the tech genius? If not, who would be next?
6.       The reinvention of Moore’s Law
This seems to involve taking a highly replicated technology and melding it into a single better component. The example here is the CPU or Central Processing Unit
7.       Better disease diagnosis
The ability to gauge propensity for disease development may become a reality over the next 50 – 100 years.
As needs evolve through increased longevity, increased access to the internet, and higher demand for faster and smarter technology, new businesses will develop to support them. Although the evolution of technology is happening faster all the time, business creation is needed throughout the developmental process. You can find Paul Graham’s blog here.

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