Bob Keebler's Advanced Tax Planning For IRA And Qualified Retirement Plan Accounts

An Eight-Hour Annual Course
Robert Keebler, Instructor

Perhaps the single-most important and technical practice area in a financial advice practice, this eight-class course is devoted entirely to income, gift, and estate tax planning for IRAs and federally qualified retirement plan (QRP) accounts.


IRAs, and other federally qualified retirement plans (QRPs) are central to personal financial planning, impacting estate and income tax as well as retirement planning. Because of the perpetually changing and highly-tehnical nature of IRA-QRP planning, and the broad applicability of this crucial knowledge area, this course is updated annually to refresh and update professionals on the latest updates on legislation,  Tax Court rulings and memos. private letter rulings, and IRS rule changes as well as legislative developments.

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Robert Keebler, a leading educator of legal, tax, and financial planning professionals for three decades, comprehensively covers the most important concepts in planning for IRA and QRP accounts, including:



  • SECURE Act regulations​
  • Rollover limitations and issues​
  • Prohibited transactions and UBTI​
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation planning​
  • Life-insurance-funded liquidity ​ to preserve IRAs after death​
  • “Ghost” life expectancy and life-expectancy-based distributions​
  • The 401(a)(9) regs on required distributions after death​
  • Post-RBD 10-year rule​
  • Property classification, community property, REA, and beneficiary designations​
  • Contribution limits and penalties​
  • Divorce, inter vivos transfers and testamentary dispositions​
  • 5-year rule, pre-RBD 10-year rule​
  • Asset protection for “inherited” IRAs​
  • IRAs after death​
  • Inefficiency of IRC §691(c) deduction​
  • Concentrated stock position planning​
  • Charitable planning with IRAs, ​ including CRTs​
  • How to QTIP an IRA, including critical fiduciary accounting issues​
  • Beneficiary designation, ERISA, and spousal consent​
  • Roth 10-year rule​
  • 22 simple, practical examples of post-mortem distribution requirements​
  • Minimizing taxes on IRA distributions​
  • SEPPs and other exceptions to distribution rules​
  • Disclaiming an inherited IRARoth ​

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Who should attend:    

Custodian Call Center Advisors
Institutional Investment Plan Trustees
Institutional Investment Consultants
Investment Advisors
Financial Planners
Wealth Managers


Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), is a partner at Keebler & Associates of Green Bay, Wis. For over three decades, Bob has been a pre-eminent educator of CPAs on personal financial planning and taxation. He's taught monthly on A4A since 2011. Actionable tax advice is taught in a clear, concise, high-energy style makes Bob Keebler unique among tax and financial planning professional educators. Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished)
Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, 
MST, AEP (Distinguished)