Have You Prepared Your Clients For A Pullback In Stocks?
Stock prices are not far off from their all-time high. Have you prepared your clients for the possibility of a pullback? With economist Fritz Meyer saying that stocks are susceptible to a pullback, Advisor Products produced a video this past week explaining the current situation.   Advisors can narrate the video or use our professional’s voiceover. One you narrate the video, it automatically gets posted to YouTube and emailed to your contact list in Constant Contact. See this video playlist for more information. 

Talking To Clients About Terrorism
Amid the despair over the recent attacks in Paris and Mali, investors need guidance more than ever. If you are their trusted financial advisor, or aspire to be, then you should be telling your clients and other contacts what terrorism means to their money. That’s a tall order. What do you do? Silence Is Not Golden. You could send contacts links to articles in the press. That's easy and free, but it sends your contacts to a website other than yours. Plus, the article or video you link to may not reflect exactly what you would like to say. You could produce an ar

Fritz Meyer Says The Wild Ride In Stocks Is Unlikely To End Anytime Soon; Tell Your Clients
The wild ride in stocks is likely caused by a structural change, economist Fritz Meyer said earlier this week, and it may not end anytime soon.   Meyer, an independent financial economist, says technical market issues are likely the cause of the extreme volatility experienced in recent weeks in stock prices. The loss of “specialists” on the New York Stock Exchange — market makers who used to be on the floor of the exchange and who would buy stocks oversold on emotional plunges — is likely a major factor in the recent volatility, along with computerized trading pro

Google+ For Financial Advisors Webinar Gets 4.8-Stars
Robert Clark makes a convincing case for advisors to get active on Google+ by showing how influential Google+ can be on an advisor's Google search ranking.  This graphic in which Clark delineates a Google search results sources tells that story.      It's an amazing pictire that shows how Google is currently displaying search results.    Google understandably reserves the tops spots for paid search results. But it is positioning the Gooogle+ componnent of every search we all run above natural, organic search rankings.     Google  shrewdly i

Dr. Craig Israelsen Engages Advisors In A Dazzling 4.8-Star Rated Webinar About The Investment Accident Waiting To Happen
Dr. Craig Israelsen, whose life-mission is improving family financial education, engaged advisors deeply, receiving a 4.8-star rating from attendees at this webinar entitled, “The Investment Accident Waiting To Happen.”     Notably, Craig’s new photo shows off his movie-star good looks,  standing in contrast to the professorial look of previous profile photos.   A sharp-eyed attendee commented:   “Andy was right. Craig appear