Tying Your Public Relations Efforts To Holidays And Special Dates Makes Your Topics Timely Hot

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For example, with Christmas coming a few years ago, we used the gift that keeps giving, dividends, to help get interviews for a client that had just published a book on investing in dividends. It was a way to get the media’s attention and a window into our client making the case for high yield dividend investing. Be mindful that monthly publications are already working on next year’s stories and work a few months in advance, so be sure to peg to holidays next year for these media outlets.
With an eye towards this Christmas, daily newspapers that cover personal finance, as well as your weekly community paper and TV are great places for story ideas you provide that tie into this holiday season.
Another example is when we contacted Fox News for a client with the idea of a New Year’s Resolution to get an investing game plan for the New Year. Our client had written a book about having an investing game plan and it tied in perfectly for an end of the year appearance that reached thousands.   He was able to have the book cover on the screen and talk about how to put together a financial plan for the coming year.
Thinking in terms of holidays and times of the year gives advisors the benefit of time to work out some potential media exposure over the coming year around holidays. There are numerous ways to package your story ideas and information into timely topics. For instance for Easter, not putting all of your eggs in one basket, diversify your investments.
As standard practice, do send your bio and qualifications, along with your website to the editor or reporter you are contacting for a holiday news peg. Be sure to have the information and input to back up your assertions and advice. A holiday news peg just peaks the media’s interest. Be sure to follow through with the content.

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