Hiddenomics: A New Device In Financial Communications

If you’ve been tuning in to monthly CE classes at A4A.TV, then you may know that economist Fritz Meyer has established a public track record of identifying secular trends driven by fundamentals. His latest observation of a surge in real retail sales is happening in plain sight, but goes unseen by the financial press, pundits and prevailing wisdom made easily available by searching Google. 


Since 2011, Fritz and I have collaborated on a FINRA-reviewed content stream as well as monthly CE classes on A4A.  Fritz's knack for spotting hidden trends is a byproduct of Dartmouth University's Tuck School of Business followed by studying the latest financial economic statistics daily for four decades.        



My end of the collaboration is making Fritz understandable to financial consumers. Week after week for nearly a decade, Fritz gives me his weekly economic update and he routinely cites (and sights) trends no one else sees. If you do a Google search for "retail sales boom" or "retail sales 2019," you won't see others reporting what Fritz sees in the same data 


Fritz's unique ability now has spawned this new educational device, which exemplifies the gamification of financial education and client communications. HiddenomicsTM challenges consumers to spot hidden financial economic trends.    


Financial advisors who are thought leaders in their community and whose clients are thought leaders, too -- doctors, business owners, and professionals -- "woke" individuals with the sense to be interested in your feed of financial, tax and investing news -- recognize thought thought leadership.


Last week's investment update for advisor clients employs a “find the hidden object” challenge to engage readers. It’s a device as effective today as it was when it was made famous decades ago by the children's magazine, Highlights.  


The five-minute video begins with Fritz's three-minute summary on the week's economic news , which Fritz gives every week. It is followed by my summary of Fritz's update. 


Only a tiny fraction of the financial advisors serving retail investors tune in to A4A.TV, but those who do are thought leaders in their communities. So, too, are their clients. They value intelligent uncommon knowledge exemplified in the article below that you are free to use on your website or in emails.    


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