Delivering Virtual Presentations to Clients



The providers in the presentation layer provide tools for delivering presentations with audio, video and traditional Power Point slides via the web browser. In addition - they offer the recipient, your client, flexibility.


If you cannot accommodate delivering a presentation live - you can assemble and deliver them via these service providers and your clients can view them at a time and place of their convenience. Keeping simplicity and integration in mind, these tools can also be linked back to the simple communication tools, in particular email and newsletters, and delivered en masse to groups of clients if so desired.


This is only a sampling of the companies working in this space. Providers include:

  • Forefield - an online education, sales and client communication tool
  • Marketing Library - professionally authored articles and marketing messages
  • Slide Share - a virtual tool for sharing your presentations in various formats
  • Slide Rocket - virtual slideshows that can also serve as online meetings (live)
  • Zoho Show - a virtual tools for sharing presentations in a web browser


The applications from these providers give you a rich medium in which to assemble and deliver relevant content from your practice and extend your operational reach.


There are two levels to utilizing these types of tools:


  1. Providing material on topics your clients have requested that are compliant and offer substantive depth for their review. This includes tools like Forefield and Marketing Library. In particular, these tools give you content in various formats (from print, to pdf to the web and beyond) that can be customized to individual customers - or shared to larger groups.
  2. Sharing presentations and other content, knowledge and ideas you and your team cultivate within your practice. Online presentation tools come in handy here - with the ability to import existing presentations and then deliver in a variety of ways - from emailing links to embedding with your own web site to hosting an online presentation while live on a phone call.


Some bonus features of using online tools for this approach to presentations is certainly the flexibility. As mentioned, your clients can access the material you send at their convenience. Additionally, these tools offer multiple formats as well as integrations with popular tools in our space.


For example - Slide Rocket and Slide Share can import Microsoft documents, PDF documents and converts them into slide shows. Slide Rocket also provides its own online authoring tools to develop presentations from scratch. Both services allow for audio - which introduces your ability to narrate over top of slides - convenient for a market commentary or introduction of a new product or service from your practice. Slide Rocket also supports the use of video and Flash technology in its presentations.


Both Forefield and Marketing Library enable subscribers to export in varying formats friendly to send to clients. Additionally, much of the content available can also be extended to your own web site under your practice brand. These two services also integrate with Redtail Technology’s CRM for financial services. Check with these vendors as they also may support integration with other tools in your practice.



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