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Luther P. Jackson, who taught Reporting and Writing I at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for many years, used to say, “It’s all about people.” He was talking about how to write.


Four decades later, Jackson's wisdom still resonates with me, not just when I am writing but in how I prioritize what I do every day.


Jackson's mantra came up today, when Betterment partner, Steven Lockshin, explained his approach to building an Betterment Institutional. 


Lockshin, at this webinar, says billing, cashiering, investment management, funding accounts are distractions daily to advisors. That’s time you should be spending with people -- clients, prospects, and influencers.


The full list of daily distractions identified by Lockshin includes:

·        cashiering requests

·        account opening paperwork

·        funding accounts

·        asset allocation

·        placing trades

·        rebalancing

·        billing

·        administrative client communications



Lockshin, who previously built wealth management platforms that were sold for tens of millions, talks how Betterment‘s tools for retail investors help financial professionals.



Lockshin is one of the most-driven, intense, and successful people in the advisory business. He says he has a way of ridding yourself of administrative and investment management tasks and, above all, free you up to spend more time with people.



After all. like Professor Luther P. Jackson used to say, it is always about people.


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