5 Reasons KPI’s, Company Drivers And Mission Statements All Work Together

When one thinks about breaking down silos we have to ask the question why these silos exist in the first place.  For many it’s because individual functions become more important than the companies purpose.  For others, its just inertia and no one has pointed out a better way.

My belief is combining the use of mission statements; key performance indicators and drivers of KPI’s can go a long way towards breaking down these silos.  Some of these reasons are:

•    A mission statement that is integrated in all aspects of a company allows people to focus on a bigger picture and one that is important in the success of the company.

•    Key performance indicators that help measure the success or failure of a mission statement allow people to see how performance and mission fit together.

•    Silos exist because there is no good reason to not exist.  Integrating mission with KPI’s and drivers backing up the mission force cross function conversations.

•    Measuring KPI drivers forces cross-function groups to be set up in companies.  Focusing on making the company better, both from a KPI and a mission point of view makes it easy to talk to someone from a different department.

•    Encouraging people to develop a personal work mission statement that is integrated with the companies mission will often encourage these people to develop their own drivers that encourage collaboration within your company or firm.

Companies that work the best are those that have employees engaged.  Getting employees engaged requires that they know what’s important and how to bring that importance to the market place.

As always, I’m interested in hearing any comments you might have about integrating KPI’s, drivers and mission statement in your company.


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