How Advisors And Staff Can Save Oodles Of Time By Creating Template Emails Instead Of Writing The Same Email Messages Over And Over Again (Three-Minute Video) Hot

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Since advisors are starting to utilize content marketing campaigns, online lead-funnels are increasingly important in an RIA's growth strategy. Templated emails are an integral part of any online marketing process, client communications and routine workflows in any RIA.



Email templates are a great way to respond and to acknowledge people when they request information about your firm, sign up for a newsletter, or connect socially.


A template email is a ready-to-send email message that requires you only to input an email address. The subject line is filled in, it contains ytour signature. You can personalize it by adding a salutation and editing the text, but that template email is always avaiable for you to send again and again. 


Template emails are excellent for referring prospects and clients to other individuals in your firm, making introductions, telling clients about a new servcie at your RIA, or about the next step in the finacial planning process.  They are an integral part of of client communciations for any financial advisor.


I've relied on template emails for about 15 years.  I send them to prospective customers to set up phone meetings. For years I relied on a brilliant little add-on to Outlook, but it does not work with the Office 2010. For months, I've been manually copying and pasting the template text for each individual email to a prospective client, which is far less efficient than using the software. I know Outlook must offer a way to create template emails, but I never find the time to research the topic. Until now.


This video below tells you how to create template emails that you can access easily and reuse over and over.


While Microsoft Office offers adequate help about how to create template emails, many advisors wouldn't think to look. This is not a core skill for financial planners. (It should be.) So I am guessing that telling you how to do this kind of thing in Office will be helpful to you. Please let me know if this is helpful because I have a million productivity tips like this one I could share.


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