For High Tech Business Organization, The Post-it Note Offers Hands-on Flexibility Hot

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As strange as it may sound, the Post-it note could become one of your best practice management and business development allies. Sometimes a physical action better cements a thought into the brain. The simple act of writing down something as opposed to just thinking it creates a more solid connection. Writing down each step in a business development plan, then playing with the order to discover the best execution flow is where the Post-it can be an innovative technology tool.
Even famous novelists use Post-it notes to write down their ideas. They may stick a Post-it on a desk, then come back to it later. The idea which has been sitting there all along may suddenly stand out as the theme for an entire book.
In a business organization, implementation of a business or marketing plan is the key to its success. The order in which steps are undertaken can cause the marketing effect to build, creating a stickier and more successful process. Such organization also promotes continuity of thought throughout the firm or your team. Lack of continuity in their message is where many advisors sabotage their potential.

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