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Dr. Craig Israelsen, an expert on index investing, evaluates the performance of various model portfolios over different long-term periods to show investment professionals implications of decisions in designing portfolios as part of a retirement income plan.

Israelsen’s model portfolios are implemented by advisors for as little as 23 basis points using ETFs and passive instruments. This allows advisors to create a core portfolio based on Modern Portfolio Theory and broad diversification.

Instead of paying for expensive money managers with layers of fees, a professional can execute trades and rebalance using Israelsen’s models and provide a client with financial planning or specialized advice and still charge less than 1%.
Here’s a sample above of what Israelsen tealks about this session. To hear the entire session, log in if you are a financial professional or click join.
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Great webinar, but the topic and materials were identical to the "7-12" webinar from a few months back. 
I really appreciate Craig's clear & simple explanations of this complex topic.
great supporting data
Excellent analysis of the effects of diversification on sustainable withdrawal rates! Thanks Craig and Andy.
Great info!
Very good, very helpful.
great webinar
Love Craig !!
Took a little too long covering what we could already see in front of us
Craig's style is informative & well-paced.  Very thorough without being overwhelming.
Very good. 
Very enjoyable. Especially liked the part about portfolio sin both rising and declining interest rate environments. I think that may be a stumbling block for many these days
I thought it was good, but it would be much more compelling if Craig made adjustments for lower bond yields.   He did go back and show us periods with rising interest rates but clients can't afford to wait 34 years to get a 4% bond return.
As Andy said, some of the slides Craig presented today were very clear in illustrating the concept of diversification over many asset classes. Craig hit the nail on the head when he said that some clients (especially impatient ones) are looking for quick and fast results and that the advisor must educate them about these concepts. I agree that the Twitter age has made everyone think in fast motion instead of the slow motion required for the 7/12 portfolio to work properly. Thanks!
Again, very good
Presented a compelling case for diversification and avoiding market timing.


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