Fritz Meyer's Two CE Credit Session Gives IA Reps 4Q2015 Talking Points Hot

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Fritz Meyer's live two-credit webinar, providing advisors with fundamentals driving fourth quarter investment markets, recived a 4.8-star rating from the 100 attendees who took the time to review. Below are the comments left by attendees.


  • Good
  • Fritz is a pro, always informative and timely
  • Great
  • Excellent!
  • Thumbs up
  • Well done
  • Fritz always nails it.
  • Fritz continues to be terrific!
  • He's amazing.  Always interesting and informative.
  • Very good, as usual. And very timely coming right after the market turmoil of the past couple months.
  • Excellent as always
  • Good insights as always
  • Very good. Thank you,
  • Excellent
  • Great having a smart guy to help us think about how to explain topics to clients
  • Fritz needs more time
  • Fritz is always a breath of fresh air after the month long onslaught from the financial media.
  • Very timely information, as always.
  • Another great presentation!
  • Outstanding and well-rounded views.  One of the best i have seen.
  • Excellent information
  • Outstanding fritz !
  • Always informative
  • Excellent slides solidly backing up his contentions.
  • Outstanding and more than worth my time.
  • The quarterly updates are very informative and detailed.  Very helpful.
  • Good stuff. Similar to previous fritz webinars.
  • Excellent as usual
  • Excellent - probably the most grounded economist i've found int he last 30+ years.
  • Great. But long.
  • Clients call routinely to question the ultimate demise of the dollar.  It is great to have the facts.
  • Loved his commentary about the continued minimum inflation as well as the likely continuation of low rates for months to come..
  • Excellent
  • Always excellent. Fritz is the best. One enhancement would be if fritz could provide same type of historical p/e context for international equities.
  • Fritz is uncanny in his ability to rapidly fire off missiles that debunk the current media myths!
  • Well done - very comprehensive
  • Great factual based presentation (as usual with fritz)  with actual jewels of positive information i can share with my clients - who (like so much of the current investment public) is so downright bearish and scared - like its 2008 again.
  • I'm relatively new to fritz's talks, but he covers a vast amount of information in what i find to be an easily-digestible (if not fast!) Manner - good stuff
  • Very helpful.
  • Fritz gives excellent information and analysis without trying to "sell" his position as future fact.  Like his continual reminders he is not "forecasting" results, only providing input for the listener to develop their own answers.
  • Fritz did an excellent job of cutting through the noise in the whirlwind of market data to provide some clarity on the major trends and how advisors should interpret them.
  • Fritz, thank you for your continuing service and education of the a4a community of advisers. Appreciate the articles from wsj and barron's most of all. Your interpretation of same is enlightening and useful. Also, anecdotal comments from clients of advisers who you speak to at your personal appearances are very helpful, as most of us have probably had those same questions (pertaining for example to your comments on gold, etc.). Please continue to raise those kinds of discussions.
  • Worthwhile
  • Fritz did a great job.
  • Best ever.
  • Outstanding.  The choice of charts, graphs, and subject material are spot on.
  • I tend to discount a good portion of what fritz says because he cherry picks his data to support his strongly bullish viewpoint.  I am not a bear,  but wish his forecasts were done by someone more objective.   He is the only one i know who thinks a 7.4% growth rate in earnings is sustainable and that weakness in emerging markets, latin america, natural resource exporting countries, and asia combined won't impact the u.s.  that said, he does bring up some good points.
  • I thought it was very informative.  I know that fritz uses facts and data to make points without necessarily adding any personal views but for some reason, and i admit to not being able to pinpoint it, i feel that he does bring his own conclusions to the table and they influence the presentation.
  • As usual - stunningly good, something i rely upon
  • Excellent presentation
  • It's getting a little tired, but i do appreciate the presentation and fritz's optimism.  I would like more global focus rather than the in-depth focus on us




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