Rick Ferri's Presentation About His Study Of Performance Of Actively Managed Fund Portfolios Versus Index-Fund Portfolios Gets Rave Reviews From Advisors Hot

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The comments from advisors were very positive and Ferri is succeeding in an area of the RIA business that provides a clear path to a business model that many advisors can utilize.  By focusing on keeping clients' expenses low while providing the advice, rebalancing, and logistical services investors need, RIAs can create a strong business in their locales.

Here's what attendees saoid about the session:

  • Very Informative
  • Excellent. Would like to hear more from Rick with his research.
  • worthwhile
  • An excellent "under the hood" analysis of index versus active investing taken to a level rarely if ever discussed anywhere else. If today's webinar doesn't convince advisors of the technical long-term wealth accumulation merits of passive - index investing versus active investing - then really nothing ever will!
  • Well done
  • Fascinating in that we are working on a rules-based momentum strategy using ETF's across10 to 12 classes a la Israelson.
  • Awesome. Appreciated the robustness of his work.
  • Excellent webinar. I'd like to hear more from Rick in the future, perhaps on the role of nontraditional investments in a portfolio such as REITs, commodities, hedge funds, etc.
  • Great webinar, it has created a lot of fuel for thought.
  • Good presentation, straightforward, helpful background. Looking forward to seeing the slides for add'l review
  • Excellent presentation my Rick. thank you,
  • Excellent
  • enjoyed hearing his research on the various perspectives using different scenarios for comparison of active vs passive
  • Andy needs to wait until after the PowerPoint slide is shown before asking a poll question that is on that slide.
  • This presentation was very informative for advisors using either active management or passive management. Rick's delivery was very polished and easy to follow. Not overly technical and no jargon thrown in to confuse the listener. Also very plain talking, direct approach to this topic without any hidden agenda, therefore very objective viewpoint.
  • Great presentation!
  • Nice job, but no opportunity for rebuttal. A discussion with an opposing viewpoint would have been more helpful.
  • Very interesting and educational!
  • To me, randomly selecting active funds is pretty worthless because the majority of active funds are closet indexers. I also wonder why he did not do a study of how active funds with strong performance and momentum the past year compare to index funds. His presentation added nothing that hadn't been documented many times in the past.
  • Clearly presented and very interesting points. I appreciate the clarity of the sampling and the many scenarios as well as the follow-up questions.
  • One of my clients read about Rick in the "WSJ" (at least) three or four years ago. The client asked me to interview Rick (I did).
  • I thought it was a good session. Rick confused me at various times during his presentation but I was able to catch up. The pop up surveys for CPE can be disconcerting, you fight the urge to be memorizing dates, returns, etc. in anticipation of getting the question "right".


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