Gold for April delivery fell as much as .6% to $1625 per ounce on the Comex. This is the lowest price since August 21, 2012.
It may be a signal that the gold run is over. In looking at the gold, bond, and other markets that have had huge run-ups, it’s important to remember that all markets cycle.
Contrarian indicators can be very useful in determining just how rich a market has become. It’s also good to remember that leaving a little profit on the table is much better than wishing you had.


If clients are reluctant to sell bonds because of the difficulty in finding yield, they may wish to establish a scheduled rebalancing program that siphons off profits as markets become overbought.


Instead of reinvesting all of the profits in markets that are out of favor, they can retain some of the profits to boost income rather than expose more of their portfolios to risk they would not normally take.


There are multiple ways to boost income from growth and other instruments without having to unduly increase exposure risk.


Commodities are another way to hedge inflation risk if client exposure to the gold market has gotten out of balance.

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