Now You Can Buy, Sell, And Store Your Clients' Gold Purchases And Include Performance Data Through An Online Platform

Gold Bullion International LLC announced on Wednesday, January 16, the launch of GBI Advisors, through which advisors can not only purchase gold for their clients, they can also add those purchases to their portfolio management and reporting systems.
GBI has made arrangements with six global insured vaults operated by Brinks, Via-Mat, and Malca-Amit.
Advisors and brokers can sign up and create accounts for their clients now. In February, the firm will launch relationships with well-known RIA reporting systems.
That will allow advisors to essentially stream the data from GBI into the reporting systems and more easily add precious metals to clients’ monthly or quarterly reports.
The firm’s proprietary technology also enables advisors to get competitive bids and to place orders through GBI’s well-established network of dealers and refiners.
Purchases made through GBI will also be made in the client’s name, unlike many bank or ETF gold purchases.

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