Holiday Retail Sales Turn In Lackluster Performance As Consumers Become More Wary Of Economic Fiscal Cliff Fallout

Early data for the 2012 holiday season indicate sales were about equal to 2011, indicating there was minimal, if any, increase.
Customer Growth Partners, a retail consulting firm, says that 2012 looks like the worst holiday sales season since 2009.
The slack sales extended even to online purchases, which have experienced double-digit growth over the past two years.
comScore, another research firm that studies online consumer buying patterns to project overall US buying behavior, shows that online sales rose 16% over last year—one percentage point lower than expected.
Retailers have been offering steep discounts of as much as 70% as a result to try to boost last minute sales and to encourage more buying as people return unwanted gifts.
Some retailers, including Sur La Table, bucked the trend and showed a strong finish to the season.


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