FBI And SEC Look At Seven Corprate Executives For Possible Insider Trading Violations Involving Their Own Companies' Stock

The Wall Street Journal published an article on November 28 that highlighted highly favorable transactions by corporate executives before bad news about their companies hit the market.
The executives under investigation include Big Lots, Inc. CEO Stephen Fishman and VeriFone Systems, Inc. CEO Douglas Bergeron.
Both companies say their top executives’ trades were properly made during a time when such trading was allowed.
The pre-arranged plans are known as 10b5-1 plans and they allow executives to trade their stock at a specific time and price without consideration of the information they have as insiders.
Utilizing 10b5-1s can be a favorable defense against accusations of improper trading. But it does not fully exonerate the executives who use them.
The plans can be set up even at a time when top executives know inside information. The plans do not have to be disclosed and changes can be made, also without disclosure.
Seven such trades have been identified and are under investigation. The other entities involved are:
1. Body Central founder Jerrold Rosenbaum and chief merchandising officer Beth Angelo, his daughter
2. Cardtronics, Inc.’s former managing director of UK operations Ronald Delnevo
3. Micrel, Inc. CEO Raymond Zinn
4. Mohawk Industries, Inc. CEO Jeffrey Lorberbaum
5. Cobalt International Energy co-founder Samuel Gillespie



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